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Aromatherapy at your fingertips whenever you need the added
help and support.  So small you can carry it with you and it
fits in a pocket or purse nicely.  Putting these oils on directly 
on the brain stem and the temples will go in and bring relief
quickly.  Your skin is your biggest organ so go ahead and use
these oils and the roll-on is a quick and easy way to get them
onto your skin.      Putting essential oils on the another
great way to get the oils in quickly.   In 20 minutes of putting on
your feet , these essential oils have entered most of your cells.
That is amazing .  Give these blends a try .  They work.

Lavender-- Relaxation and Calming    Anxiety-- Stress and Nervousness
Happiness-- Helps to bring joy     Headache/Migraine-- Bad headaches
Sinus/Allergy-- congestion      Mole Off-- *moles*     Wart Off-- *warts*
Age Spot Off-- *age spots*     Peppermint-- *Alertness*
Hot Flash-- stop the heat

Essential Oil Roll-On Bottles

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