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Please send me your testimonials to

I would love to share them with others. Please keep checking this page for the updated information and 

to see your testimony. Thank you so much...

Doris Neilson

I have tried your extra-strength muscle bone pain formula. It is so good for me. Glad I can order on line.  

It is the best product for my pain.

Thanks Doris

Michelle Dill

 I just wanted to tell you how much we love your oils. My husband and I were in Lancaster on vacation

 and bought your pain oil and we love it. I showed your oil to a friend and she bought cold formula 

for her daughter and her cough went away. This stuff is great.


 Hi Wanda. I met you last Friday, I was waiting for my car to get fixed and you gave me the sinus/spray.

 I have to say I felt a big improvement since I have been using it for a few days. Thankyou so much. I hope 

 I won't ever have to use antibiotics/ Prescriptions ever again, I will come and visit you at Leesport again.

Carol Kreppel

 Hi Wanda, I just visited you at the Green Dragon and tried on your lotion and walked around a bit

 then came back and I purchased the roll-on pain formula plus the migraine/headache inhaler. I was

 working on a headache and the onset of a migraine always scartes me because I am down for the count

and it ruins an entire day. I truly believe the inhaler and the roll-on helped back it off to the point where

it subsided.


My Tattoo guy knows how bad my shoulders are after multiple surgeries to repair them. Three years after my last surgery I am still in pain and mobility in my shoulder is extremely limited. He says I got this oil! He tells me it work great! He says you should try it! Skeptical because I have tried so many different Hey I got this and Hey I got thats, I agree to give it a try. After a few days of rubbing in this amazing oil, pain is at an all time low and my mobility increased substantially. I highly recommend trying Wanda's oils. You won't be disappointed.

Mike Penn

"When the good man stays silent only the evil will be heard".

Sarah Esh

I met you at Green Dragon years ago and I was in a very bad way with pain over most of my body. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

and was in such a state of hopelessness. You talked with me for a very long time and just allowed me to tell you everything that I had

been going through for years. You told me your story of your accident and your pain and as you were talking, my heart begin to get

lighter as I heard all you had been through and decided to give this formula a try. I put this creme all over the places I could reach and

as I was doing this we kept talking and in minutes I was beginning to feel relief. I was amazed and in wonderment of how something

could work so quickly. I purchased a big bottle and I have been using it ever since. I keep it going in almost everyday and it takes my

pain away and allows me to function and do what I use to do without crying with pain. Thankyou so much and please keep making this

as I do not know what I would do if I couldnot get this product anymore.

Blessings to you Wanda

Dorothy Lehman

This product is truly amazing and is all natural which is what I like along with the fact that it works. You have opened my mind

up to essential oils and how effetive they are to our health and daily routine of life. I am so sick of products with chemicals which

really destroy our immune system. I can say I have not had pain in years. There might be a day every now and then when it is really

wet and cold and I feel a tinge of pain and I immediately put this creme on and it is gone. That is how simple it is. The only job that

I have to do is to get it on if I have pain. The formula does the rest. This is a no brainer. Why be in Pain? Thankyou Wanda for such

a great product.

Jerry Walker

I was leary of trying this product as I have tried so many but I thought I would try alittle bottle for $ 6.00 . I could not believe

how quick this stuff works . I felt so good that I didn't put it on the next day but the pain came back the next day. I was told

to really get it on daily in the beginning so that it can start absorbing into the muscles and so I used it again and this time I put

it on everyday and what a difference it made with my shoulder. I don't plan on being without this stuff. I don't know how it

works but I know it does. Thankyou again for talking with me about having to start using something on this shoulder as you

told me it will keep getting worse if I don't spend some time taking care of myself .

Dorris Penn

I am a 76 year old female who has been in great pain for many years. From fibromyalgia, arthritis and pinched spinal nerves.

After extensive back surgery I was left with damaged back and leg nerves. This condition causes severe pain and spasms from mid

back to the bottom of my feet, along with a hot tingling sensation.

Many Doctors and scripts with little relief , until my son shared Wandas pain formula with me. Fot the 1 st time in years, I am in

less overall pain and discomfort. Most notice-able was " no spasms " since the 1 st time using the oils, 9 days now.

Im afraid to believe it will last. Will keep you posted.   

Thankyou Wanda

Kristyn Beeman

About a year ago , I met you at Roots Market. You gave me a free sample of your muscle bone pain formula.

I have restless leg syndrome and have not found anything to give me relief..until NOW. Every night, I put a small

amount of the muscle bone pain oil on my calves and I am able to sleep soundly and restful. Your product is wonderful!!

Thankyou for sharing your gift with others. It really makes a difference! God Bless You.

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